The Winning Performance System [PSPLE]

The Heart of What You Do and What You Stand For

Make Things Happen, Empowerment and Feedback.

Plan To Win and Create a Great Future

Commit to be the Best - Fill Your Company With Winners

Sales, Finance, Production, Marketing, Success and Failure Factors

Ann Arbor Assessment Center

Our Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan Analyzes:

  • BSA (Behavioral Strategy for Accomplishment)

  • Leadership 360 Analysis

  • Operating Belief Framework (Operating Mindset)

  • Assessments - Organization, Team, Management, Talent, Leadership, Strategy

How do you Win and Grow your Company to Create Exceptional Value:

  1. Fill it with People who WIN!

  2. Develop Strategic WINNING Leadership!

  3. Create WINNING Solutions!

The Keys to WINNING!

Do You Have a Strategy to Achieve This?

Help client companies apply the Five Essential Systems (PSPLE) resulting in High, Controlled and Profitable Growth; 


Building towards a 4th Stage (Intelligent) Company that is Visionary, Strategic and collaborative with Smart Teams;


Growing Leaders that are creating high quality perpetuation, beyond the Founders control, that is adaptable to change.